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“Working with Vinita at The Mindshift Academy completely changed my life. When I started out, all I knew was that I was done playing small and I needed to do something different. But I had no idea what that would actually look like. After working with Vinita, I began to have so many breakthroughs, it was mind-blowing. Not only did I learn my own capabilities, but I began to see and understand the world in a completely new way. I can honestly say that I would work with her over and over again, and that she not only truly cares about her clients, but that she understands mindset and everything that it can change on a very deep level. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Katelyn Silva

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  • Learn By Doing

    All our Programs are 100% focused on helping you apply your learning to your daily life. You'll be eased into the concepts with Positive Psychology framing and you'll be engaged in activity with simple exercises that can be implemented in your life, straight away.

  • Backed By Scientific Research

    Your learning journey blends practical exercises with Scientific research. The methods taught have been extensively studied and shown to yield positive benefits for those who implement the techniques on a consistent basis.

  • Feel Supported

    Got questions? We've got answers. Need a peer to share your learning experience with? Chat with your fellow students! Through the power of social learning, you'll never be alone. We've got your back :-)

Positive Psychology based courses with live Coaching.

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